How to deal with an avoidant partner


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Others may have gotten messages that it was not okay to say no to a parent or authority figures. Typically, most people who end up with avoidant partners have at a time in their lives had an essential person in their life unavailable.

How to deal with an avoidant partner

Be kind and compassionate. Few of us like it when someone complains about us.

How to deal with an avoidant partner

How to deal with an avoidant partner

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  1. You may have a fantasy of a perfect relationship in which you never feel lonely or disappointed. Work to contain your feelings of abandonment and soothe yourself rather than expecting your partner to do so.

  2. You may need to give your partner more space than you might like and your partner may need to push him or herself to be closer at times than he or she might like.

  3. These efforts can leave partners feeling confused, unimportant, frustrated or abandoned.

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