How to cope with a moody husband


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Teenagers are prone to all sorts of hormonal issues that make managing their emotions challenging. The habits of the heart are learned very early in life. Do you sometimes just want to leave to get away from the unpleasantness?

How to cope with a moody husband

Bringing to your moody spouse a person who is happy much, if not most, of the time is the best you can do for him or her. Out of our interpretations and emotions come our intentions, and out of that comes our behavior.

How to cope with a moody husband

How to cope with a moody husband

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  1. Learn to be totally open and honest with God first, then He will help you become a loving, accepting person with whom your spouse can feel completely safe being honest. Subscribe to Our Feed!

  2. A spouse should not resent protective jealousy. This is definitely "Doc" talking to all married couples.

  3. Get away from this toxic emotional atmosphere. Only He and the moody person can work out the issues related to personal happiness.

  4. Call it the wheel of experience and divide it into six sections, just as you might divide a pie:

  5. It is never healthy for a couple to experience an affair, but if the crisis of the affair changes the adulterous mate, and changes the marriage, many times in the future a couple can look back on that crisis and see that the adulterous partner found the Lord as a result of this crisis.

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