How to build a 302 stroker


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Originally created using a Cleveland crank cut down to 3. The which we had built see Horsepower had indeed met it's goal of running Because of the added stroke, the bottoms of the cylinder bores will need to be notched.

How to build a 302 stroker

Summit states that with these pistons, compression checks in at They are available with a dish for 8.

How to build a 302 stroker

How to build a 302 stroker

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  1. Summit provides plastigage for this operation, but if you have access to a dial bore gauge for the 2.

  2. You can do it easily, provided you have the proper tools and the patience to mock up and disassemble the crank, pistons and rods. The smaller cubic inch Ford engines just can not get that much intake volume moving and you end up hurting your over all power output in the long run.

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