How tall is conceited


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Returning to his roots as a stand-up comedian, Nick produced his own stand-up comedy special "Mr. He's even been co-signed by comic legends like Kevin Hart.

How tall is conceited

Almost a year later, Renny hit critical mass on all platforms and commanded ,plus followers and ,plus views. Clayton is currently headlining clubs, colleges and festivals nonstop throughout the country. After their deaths, he resided with his aunt in Lithonia, GA, until his senior year of high school.

How tall is conceited

How tall is conceited

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  1. Renny humbly began his comedic career with 3, followers in

  2. Conceited is recognized worldwide by rap industry veterans and fans alike, has collected well over 5 million online interest views, won countless battles and prize money and plans to innovate the underground hip-hop battle scene with his influence.

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