How old is dyrus


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He continued to play for Epik Gamer. They won their series , and North America beat Europe in combined score.

How old is dyrus

This year, it was Cloud9 that got the bye to quarterfinals at the World Championship , and TSM were unable to advance past the group stage, placing fourth - behind Lemondogs and ahead of the wildcard team GamingGear. Season 1 Dyrus was a dominant player starting in League of Legends's beta.

How old is dyrus

How old is dyrus

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  1. He continued to play for Epik Gamer. At Worlds , TSM received a group stage bye as the top North American seed, but they lost in the quarterfinals to eventual second-place team Azubu Frost.

  2. The following split , they found themselves lower in the standings, winning only half of their games in the round robin.

  3. However, once again they found themselves lacking in the finals of the playoffs , losing to Cloud9 in another series. He continued to play for Epik Gamer.

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