How much do a polar bear weigh


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Growing seasons yield more productivity and, for predators, that will generally mean more prey. Most research shows that polar bears across their circumpolar range tend to weigh fairly consistently. Polar bear cubs weigh less than a kilogram but male cubs are greater than female cubs even at birth.

How much do a polar bear weigh

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How much do a polar bear weigh

How much do a polar bear weigh

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  1. The temperature of the water is frigid, as well, reaching as low as 28 F minus 2 C , the freezing point of seawater, according to PBS Nature.

  2. Maximum stated female polar bear weight up till now is of kg, but it is very rare.

  3. All world class professional athletes in their prime.

  4. By spring, the cubs are outside the den, exploring, and at two years of age they are fully mature. When the cubs leave the den they weigh around lbs i.

  5. They can do this remarkably quickly too.

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