How durable is tungsten


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Most black tungsten rings are made with a plate over the natural gray tungsten. Purchase your rings from a business that uses jewelry grade tungsten - and remember to avoid tungsten cobalt wedding bands completely if the retailer cannot tell you what the rings are made with, go somewhere else.

How durable is tungsten

Tungsten carbide is extremely durable, more durable than gold, palladium, silver or platinum - and highly resistant to scratching - but it does have brittle properties. Although gold and platinum are still among the most popular metals for a groom's wedding band , tungsten is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Tungsten bands too - even high quality designer bands - are available for reasonable prices which are often much less than gold or platinum bands though somewhat higher than titanium or stainless steel bands.

How durable is tungsten

How durable is tungsten

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  1. Durability and Strength Many grooms admire the durability and strength of tungsten.

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