How do you delete someone from messenger


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Delete By deleting, the conversation will be completely deleted from the Facebook itself. At some point in your history of using Facebook, you probably granted Facebook or Facebook Messenger access to your address book on your iOS device s without knowing it.

How do you delete someone from messenger

The feature was previously called Messenger Day, but Facebook rebranded it back in November Here are the steps that you can follow. How do I delete one?

How do you delete someone from messenger

How do you delete someone from messenger

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  1. Just select the Delete option. Thankfully, you can retrieve the message too — perhaps because seldom is something deleted wholly from the internet.

  2. Now perform a long tap on it until a pop-up appears.

  3. But our team has a long track record in secure messaging and what we have applied to the messages and phone calls is end-to-end encryption. From here, tap Add to your story in the top left.

  4. Archiving Archiving is a great way to save old messages as they are safe on your Facebook profile and does not get deleted even when you change your device.

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