How do porcupines fuck


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They will first begin to shake their quills in a visible pattern and send out an unpleasant odor. In this case, the urine is ejaculated at high pressure, rather than relying on internal bladder pressure. The pair will mate a few more times until the female has had enough and she moves away from him.

How do porcupines fuck

This includes even small amounts of salt, like anything that salty human hands have touched, such as the handles of tools, discarded garbage, or food wrappers. These hairs are coated with a thick layer of keratin similar to fingernails with several small layers of barbs at the tip. Just how do porcupines do it?

How do porcupines fuck

How do porcupines fuck

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  1. The porcupine sniffs this out and will chew relentlessly at any wooden wall, floor, roof, or structure made from it.

  2. They are considered pests primarily for this very reason, gnawing on and destroying anything that has salt on or in it. There is a thick loop of connective tissue that surrounds the follicle and attaches it to the skin.

  3. But do these quills also make mating difficult for the large rodents? The longest quills are on the butt, and the smallest are on the cheeks.

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