Hottest fantasies


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It is a steamy novelette that features a sexy, dominant, handsome, hot cop who is skilled at playing with handcuffs and has plenty of ways to make a woman sigh with pleasure. It barely covers my breasts, and the hip ties on the bottoms are peeking out above my running pants.

Hottest fantasies

I relaunched my erotic romance writing career by penning some of my own hottest fantasies. I asked some ladies—mostly married with kids, some single—to share their sexiest fantasies. He explodes and his knees become weak as he collapses on top of my body.

Hottest fantasies

Hottest fantasies

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  1. He responds, making me explode. We dance the Texas Two—Step, and after a night of fun and flirting, he invites me back to his ranch.

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