Homemaking in the 1940s


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Jane posing with her husband of 11 years, Gilbert, and their three kids Pamela, 4, Tony, 5, and Peter, 7, in front of the large two-story house they lease. So when I saw this picture of Lynn Massman from Shorpy a few months ago, the kitchen shelf behind her reminded me of my own.

Homemaking in the 1940s

LIFE documented the jobs Jane performed to make sure their household ran smoothly. Keeping organized like that helps me save time. Mann, letter to LIFE Magazine Jane busy straightening up before launching into some heavy cleaning with dust mop and carpet sweeper.

Homemaking in the 1940s

Homemaking in the 1940s

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  1. Most said they wanted to keep their present jobs. Shrout to document the lives of one of the biggest single demographics in the U.

  2. All this would soon change.

  3. Vintage Homemaking When I tell people about my homemaking, they always say I'm so 'old timey'.

  4. Jane shushing her husband Gilbert, as they sit having a quiet 6:

  5. Now I can actually see what I have and not over buy or be surprised at what I find when I dig in there. Always tips to make something last or make something out of nothing.

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