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Where recently deceased Hollywood celebrities are discussed. In this subset segment of Geek News, fans of the show send in artwork depicting the inclusion of the newest Star Wars universe characters Porgs in various scenarios, a la KevIN segment fashion.

Hollywood babble on amazon

The segment received the longest applause from the audience and for good reason. I went back in December. Where Ralph discusses new upcoming television shows or movies that are remakes of old material.

Hollywood babble on amazon

Hollywood babble on amazon

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  1. Ralph sings popular music of the s in the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ralph presents various photographs sent in by fans of the podcast, which have been modified to include Kevin's image.

  2. Ralph sings Entrance of the Gladiators to Kevin to scare him Kevin is notoriously afraid of clowns , in the manner of various famous personalities.

  3. Arnold Sings Children's Themes:

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