Holiday fling


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Sober-me gave drunk-me a massive high five. However, if you are looking to hook up with someone that you will not bump into at the supermarket next month, this is wonderland.

Holiday fling

We hit it off right away; not bad for two strangers with two different mother-tongues. For exhibit A, I present to you: Cherish it, be swept up by it, be thrilled by it, be seduced by it, and ride it out for as long as it can possibly last.

Holiday fling

Holiday fling

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  1. Has it worked for you? There were cheeky kisses.

  2. What the hell is going on, we'd mumble to each other as girls giggled at their lame jokes.

  3. Vacations have an expiration date, if you act hard-to-get for too long, we will move on to the next victim, I mean person.

  4. Then you have to experience something together that you've never had to before: Sober-me gave drunk-me a massive high five.

  5. I threw the phone across the room and cried.

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