High strung personality traits


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When you are insulting, this person will no longer trust you and is very likely to jump headlong into stress-mode. When you love them, you don't want to take a physical back-step from them. When a high strung person gets anxiety about something, having someone understand why they are anxious can be enough to calm them and sort out the problem.

High strung personality traits

Ray Roseman, that individuals falling under the Type A personalities are more susceptible than anyone else to fall victims to coronary heart disease, cardiac arrest and hypertension and are much more likely than Type B personality people to suffer from clinical stress! You know when you just replay a mistake over and over in your head?

High strung personality traits

High strung personality traits

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  1. If you love someone with a high strung personality, understand and nurture when you can, but don't jump at their beckoned call. Those who are high-maintenance tend to be more bossy and uptight in other areas, where people with high strung personalities tend to be overly anxious and detail-oriented.

  2. If you can, gently remind them that you have an understanding of what they need, but you have other things going on in your life as well, and can't always be at their disposal. Aggression can set off a high strung person and lead them to feel overwhelmed.

  3. Avoid certain places that they frequent and don't allow yourself to get pulled into their stress. Let them come to you.

  4. Once we commit to something, we see it through until the very end, whether it's a work project or Friday night plans. Following are the traits that distinguish these compulsive go-getters from the rest of the crowd!

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