Heros journey worksheet


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This will allow students to refer to prompts or make notes while watching. In The Hero's Journey, the threshold is the literal or figurative door between worlds.

Heros journey worksheet

Approach to the Inmost Cave; 8. Many of the suggested questions have no single correct answer. This can be done in groups or individually.

Heros journey worksheet

Heros journey worksheet

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  1. However, in most cases, a hero who has declined the call will only take it up when compelled to do so as a result of raised stakes.

  2. The Ordinary World; 2. In order to give depth and meaning to your hero's journey as a whole, you must begin by establishing the hero's known world.

  3. The Ordinary World; 2. However, in most cases, a hero who has declined the call will only take it up when compelled to do so as a result of raised stakes.

  4. Suddenly, someone or something should present your hero with the opportunity to move outside their known world.

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