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Back-orders will only be accepted with the prior approval of the Purchasing and Contracts Department. Ordering All purchases must be supported by an authorized purchase order unless specifically exempted by the Purchasing Ordinance. Payment Taxes Hernando County is exempt from most taxes imposed by state or federal government.

Hernando county single sign on

Exceptions must be pre-arranged. Items to be sold may include automobiles, office furniture, typewriters, various office equipment, computers, etc.

Hernando county single sign on

Hernando county single sign on

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  1. Every effort is made to ensure that specifications are designed for compatibility with standard trade practices.

  2. Keep current with Invitations for Bids.

  3. Failure to meet the specified delivery terms and schedule may result in cancellation of the order.

  4. Delivery Unless already defined in the specifications, a definite number of days for delivery after receipt of order should always be stated. Invitations are posted on the bulletin board at the Purchasing and Contracts Department's Office.

  5. Surplus Hernando County will periodically dispose of its surplus property by sale to the general public.

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