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Instead of a Letter: The late Canadian novelist specialised in lonely misfits and the ordinary difficulties of human relationships.

Heartbreaking love stories books

Like Solitude, its subject is the process of writing itself and of grief turning inward. Top 10 failed romances in fiction Read more 2.

Heartbreaking love stories books

Heartbreaking love stories books

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  1. Though shoehorned into the chick-lit genre by some reviewers, and inevitably lined up alongside Bridget Jones, Bank was also likened to Lorrie Moore for the gentle ironies in her literary style.

  2. Hannah is less than 18 months into her marriage and waiting for her husband to fly in from New York. And they touch on larger themes of grief and the inward-looking process of rebuilding oneself.

  3. Like Solitude, its subject is the process of writing itself and of grief turning inward.

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