Healing labyrinth bandon oregon


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Read scripture as you walk. The beauty, mystery of the sacred geometry and a history of the nearly years of healing results for those who walked this labyrinth convinced me to choose the HealingLabyrinth juno.

Healing labyrinth bandon oregon

In general, there are three stages to a typical walk; the first stage, lasting until you reach the center of the labyrinth, can be called "shedding", a releasing, a letting go of details of your life. Packed up the rest in a 24 foot Ryder truck and with the help of my friend, Alan, drove to Bandon to see and move into my new home.

Healing labyrinth bandon oregon

Healing labyrinth bandon oregon

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  1. Why Do We Walk It? Escrow on the Bandon property closed in 40 days.

  2. The moment I chose to live my dream, all of the pieces started to fall into place.

  3. The design is a 48 foot outdoor version of the 11 circuit Chartres Cathredral model from about A.

  4. We live in a time of extreme spiritual hunger.

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