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The woman said she was not happy and wanted a refund for money left on her present gift card. What's the origin of the phrase 'Head over heels'? The expression makes little sense.

Head over heelz

Karli Pfeifer, a Head to Toe cosmetologist, was asked "What do you think about your boss being in jail' when she visited a local beauty school. What's the origin of the phrase 'Head over heels'? Now, I find out the owner is in jail.

Head over heelz

Head over heelz

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What's the contrary of the phrase 'One over has'. Is this Register to Toe?.

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  1. Even before Thompson's arrest, there was confusion over the two similar sounding businesses, said Blunk. I can't imagine any of our gals treating you wrong.

  2. Where do you usually keep your head?

  3. This example, from the Indiana newspaper The Lebanon Patriot, June , and the lack of quotation marks or explanation suggests that the expression was in common usage by that date:

  4. It was Head Over Heelz where I went. Carlyle's spelling of summerset for somersault.

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