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A convicted Mafia hit man. Be careful what you ask for.

Hazard zet forward

Presidents Hall, one of the university's oldest buildings The College was organized into a university in following an unprecedented growth in enrollment. The Board has a membership of between 25 and 39 members. Either way, let's just say that Seton Hall is still a little sensitive to fire safety.

Hazard zet forward

Hazard zet forward

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  1. With the construction of four new residence halls between and , and the purchase of an off-campus apartment building in , the University made significant changes to account for a larger number of student residents. The Recreation Center was dedicated in

  2. The college moved to its current location in The building, like the school's main library, is named for Thomas J.

  3. There are several computer labs, state-of-the-art classrooms and a Stock Exchange research room. This marked the first matriculation of women at Seton Hall.

  4. The funds were directed to many areas throughout the university, however a majority went toward building and reconstructing campus facilities and historic sites. The fire was national news and caused New Jersey to change it's laws about sprinklers in College dormitories.

  5. Many new programs and majors were inaugurated, as were important social outreach efforts. Educationally they have a very good communications department and offer a Masters Program in 5 years, which Oldest Son likes and they are fireproof which I like.

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