Halo skydiving


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Jump training, HALO tandem jump, use of flight suit, video of adventure, digital photos and certificate of completion. In addition, HAHO parachute jumps are employed in the covert insertion of military personnel generally special operations forces into enemy territory, in circumstances where the covert nature of an operation may be compromised by the loud noise of parachutes opening at low altitude.

Halo skydiving

Additionally, parachutists can also be more stealthy than an aircraft. Skydiving is inherently risky.

Halo skydiving

Halo skydiving

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  1. The latter part of HALO stands for 'low opening'. It's extremely important that you have Tuesday as a back-up day.

  2. You can arrange to hire a videographer to follow you in the sky and record your jump, or you can elect to shoot your own video with a supplied camera, attached to your arm.

  3. All HALO jumpers are required to be at least 18 years old and in good physical health.

  4. In the event that anti-aircraft cannons are active near the drop zone, the HALO technique also minimizes the parachutist's exposure to flak.

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