Hairless dancing nathan work


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Nathan , an 8-year-old Chinese Crested dog with silky white ears, just loves to get his groove on, swaying and wiggling in his favorite green chair. Dogs always love to join in on the fun or what they think will be fun that is! We're happy just watching this hilarious video of an extremely cute but maybe just a bit clueless dog.

Hairless dancing nathan work

Now they have holiday cards and an engagement announcement all in one! Mae shared this adorably funny video of her pet pooch clamoring for her to pluck his eyebrows. Thanks to kindness, patience, and positive training, Nathan started to regain his confidence and love people again.

Hairless dancing nathan work

Hairless dancing nathan work

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  1. His foster mom, after spending so much time caring for and getting to know Nathan, finally decided to adopt him in December

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