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And the game breaker they've been wishing for all these years showed up too -- a skinny kid with a couple of earring holes and the acrobatics of Mary Lou Retton. The lyrics were later reworked to be less offensive to contemporary sensibilities, although the Redskins name continues to be criticized as a racial slur. For all the anxiety about when the Redskins would be all together, for all the pronouncements about how this day was critical, or that day was critical, the fact is that the Redskins are ahead of the curve.


The Heisman Trophy winner WR. Getting back Darrell Green gives the Redskins the opportunity to put him and A. Hail to the Redskins is the second oldest fight song for a professional American football team; the oldest fight song is " Go!



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  1. Joe Holley traces the whole arc of Baugh's life — , from his small-town Texas roots to his college ball success as an All-American at TCU, his brief flirtation with professional baseball, and his stellar career with the Washington Redskins — , as well as his later career coaching the New York Titans and Houston Oilers and ranching in West Texas.

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  3. As a rookie with San Diego, Lachey missed four weeks of camp with an injury, and still started all 16 games, so he's been through this before:

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