Gujarati aunty


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These are the "titles" for family members. To all those Really Nice Aunties out there, we love you! Hi Aunty, how are you?

Gujarati aunty

Komal Bhabhi Sister also female cousins: Really Nice Aunty This Aunty is easily identifiable by her insistence on feeding you every time you visit her.

Gujarati aunty

Gujarati aunty

Kunal Jijaji True's Uninhibited Brother: Siddarth Mama Contest's Brother's Take:. Gujarati aunty

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  1. Kunal Jijaji Father's Younger Brother: He got sooo much money, he buying Mercedes car just for fun.

  2. Komal Foi Father's Sister's Husband:

  3. To all those Really Nice Aunties out there, we love you! Foi, Fui, Faiba, Foiba also spelled Foy e.

  4. Who you vurking for, beta? Hi Aunty, how are you?

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