Grey worm cheeseburger


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Pod, being the amazing wonderful young man he is, is respectful and confused. I suspect I will have nightmares about poor Miss Fisher.

Grey worm cheeseburger

And that's got to count for something. Season 6, Episode 8:

Grey worm cheeseburger

Grey worm cheeseburger

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  1. Mistake after mistake, bad move after bad move, but she just keeps trucking. I mean for starters, what would they rename the Bay?

  2. Mistake after mistake, bad move after bad move, but she just keeps trucking.

  3. Cousin Lancel insists, telling Cersei to have the Mountain step aside, or there will be violence. A quiet pause, and then Cersei says what she was always going to say:

  4. The one with the yellow cloak?

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