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Mark Fidrych The Bird The affable righthander enjoyed talking to the baseball while on the mound and manicuring the mound on his hands and knees between innings. Willie Mays There is no definitive agreement on how Mays acquired this classic name.

Good softball nicknames

Seasons changed between pitches when he was at bat. Earl Averill was the Duke of Snohomish after his hometown in Washington.

Good softball nicknames

Good softball nicknames

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  1. But the catcher hit his way into the Hall of Fame. Roger Bresnahan The Duke of Tralee Nothing really unusual about this name; after all many players were named in honor of their hometowns.

  2. Seasons changed between pitches when he was at bat.

  3. Evidently, this nickname was a product of the PR-conscious Finley more than any angling the Hall of Fame pitcher might have done in his home state of North Carolina. He has since requested another, less violent name.

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