Good comebacks for whores


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For more information about safe sex, visit ItsYourSexLife. Whether they are hearing it from their friends or family, the impact this has on Della, Rosa, Shakirah and is heartbreaking.

Good comebacks for whores

First, it immediately forces your opponent on the defensive. It prioritizes modesty and perceived innocence above all else, and often includes intimations about a woman's class, intelligence, and overall worth.

Good comebacks for whores

Good comebacks for whores

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  1. The perfect comeback, I think.

  2. Let me know how it goes. I've tested it in dozens of comeback-required scenarios, and I have yet to find one in which it will not work.

  3. An assemblage of words that can be used in any situation in which a verbal comeback is required. On several occasions this drove Della to tears, but the guys were unrelenting in their harassment.

  4. This ranged from commenting on her outfits, to shouting, "We've got a slut as 12 o'clock! It will strike a dissonant chord.

  5. Your opponent says something mean or cruel or insulting to you, and your response is a question of sorts.

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