Givat shmuel postal code


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Following the capture of the two towns there was an exodus of their Arab population. History[ edit ] Until February , Israel postal codes were 5-digit. A "fallout" in U.

Givat shmuel postal code

Rabin signed the expulsion order, which included the following: After his release he became the commander of the second Palmach battalion and rose to the position of Chief Operations Officer of the Palmach in October Following the March meeting between Rabin and U.

Givat shmuel postal code

Givat shmuel postal code

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  1. In March , Israel Post announced a change to 7-digit postal codes, with an implementation date of 5 December , but which was postponed to 1 February

  2. Ambassador and Minister of Labour Following his retirement from the IDF he became ambassador to the United States beginning in , serving for five years. Rabin resigned on 8 April , following the revelation by Maariv journalist S.

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