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Does the hood retract? If you want to address the clitoris, labia and vagina together, vulva is the all-encompassing term.

Girls clitorus

The size and shape of the clitoris ranges widely from woman to woman, and the appearance often changes over the course of arousal and orgasm. We are more alike than we are different.

Girls clitorus

Girls clitorus

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  1. Clitoris research and the G-spot The clitoris—both its anatomy and function—is a hotly debated topic 1. The clitoral body projects upwards into your pelvis, and attaches via ligaments to your pubic bone.

  2. The clitoris, just like the penis, has both a shaft and a head. Yes, there are all kinds of orgasms.

  3. A modern gynecologic myth. The clitoris is composed of multiple parts:

  4. People have all kinds of nicknames for the clitoris. Anatomy of the clitoris.

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