Girl using ben wa balls


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I popped in a single ball, and pushed it just past my opening, ready to take on the world. After you remove your Kegel balls, you should:

Girl using ben wa balls

After you remove your Kegel balls, you should: You should be able to find these at a sex shop or via online retailers.

Girl using ben wa balls

Girl using ben wa balls

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  1. Women, too, used Ben Wa balls for similar purposes as they do today. Release your muscles and breath at the same time, slowly.

  2. Add more lube to your vaginal opening.

  3. Kegel balls are usually connected to each other by a small piece of string or plastic, so slip that inside your vagina as well.

  4. How would I get them out?! So go into things with realistic expectations.

  5. Squeeze your vaginal muscles to push them out, much like with another sex toy or even a tampon.

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