Getting over infatuation


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But here and now, it would be harmful. She also knows Liz reasonably well, and the two also like each other. Even though getting over someone you are in love with can be the most difficult thing to do, getting over an infatuation could also take some time; especially so if you are infatuated with a best friend, a colleague, a neighbor, or someone who you meet regularly.

Getting over infatuation

You will have to consciously work at this, however it should become more natural in time. You could also establish and follow a routine that leaves you with little spare time to ruminate about your unrequited infatuation. Of course, this trick can only be sustained with a suitable dose of humor and creativity, but will be very effective if employed correctly.

Getting over infatuation

Getting over infatuation

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  1. Most people aren't, because infatuation is rare, short-lived and illusory - let that console you a little. This can leave an impression, a high.

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