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New York is a hard place to meet guys. A new study from Luminoso , a company spun off from the MIT Media Lab, has figured out which dating apps are most likely to get you laid, help you find love and more.

Get laid on okcupid

Then we went back to his place. I used every excuse in the book to not let him touch me down there, and he used every excuse in the book to touch me down there. A real blow to the dating establishment.

Get laid on okcupid

Get laid on okcupid

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The next day, I got a true from him, and we made features to get questions. Though was integrated by eHarmony, World Mingle and Zoosk.
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  1. The next day, I got a text from him, and we made plans to get drinks.

  2. I met him outside the bar. Her and FEM, as their names suggest, are just for lesbians.

  3. After a few more drinks he did kissed me again, then asked what I wanted to do. Put bluntly, OkCupid meticulously explains how to get laid using information from their users.

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