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Animal-Based Names For some reason, many German pet names revolve around animals. First up we have the most common of them all: So, about that diminutif.

German pet names girlfriend

Germans love a good pet name as much as anyone, so you want to be sure if you find yourself in need of one while you're there, you have a whole list ready. You can say it to someone you're in a loving relationship with male or female.

German pet names girlfriend

German pet names girlfriend

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  1. Germans are no exception to this and so they have their own special names for the people they love. Yuppie — this term means you have a lot of money and you show it.

  2. Bunny — this term means you are an attractive lady. Condoleezza Rice is also a concert pianist.

  3. Cinnamon Yet another food-related term of endearment.

  4. You might want to consider using some of these German terms of endearment for your sweetheart. But they also imply familiarity and affection, and add some implied extra charm to the thing you're describing.

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