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Think of your own family. While most of these folks make a great deal of money, they also have a high overhead to maintain. January 15, Lately, I have been seeing so much emphasis on famous people in the news and social media.

Gerard butler russell crowe

After thinking about what life is like for these people, I came to the conclusion that they must truly envy the rest of us. There were many things he missed, and there were many times I would have benefitted from his presence or words of wisdom. While most of these folks make a great deal of money, they also have a high overhead to maintain.

Gerard butler russell crowe

Gerard butler russell crowe

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  1. Finally, famous people must worry about the safety of their families.

  2. Weighing in on the best candidate are Bond crewmember Debbie McWilliams, who has cast six movies, and five-time Bond director John Glen; both drop the name of a certain Aussie actor.

  3. First, famous people lose a large portion of their privacy. I was told that I greatly underestimate this amount, but I figured my father was on the road for at least three months throughout each year.

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