Genderfluid dating


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One of the biggest, hardest changes for both of us happened about six months ago when Alex told me that they were genderfluid. Their identity has nothing to do with how much they love you, but your support or lack of support toward them after they come out will have an impact on how loved they feel by you. All of the fear that comes with laying your secrets bare for someone was not eliminated, but lessened, because Alex had told me one of the most shocking things you could tell someone.

Genderfluid dating

I felt like I was mourning for the female Alex that I had fallen in love with. I felt cheated when Alex first came out, because I feared that I would lose my best friend, not just the love of my life. I actually exclaimed with joy the other day when we went to the movies and women in the washroom gave Alex looks that suggested they were in the wrong washroom.

Genderfluid dating

Genderfluid dating

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  1. Even in the beginning, I tried to be really positive about it because I knew that in some way this probably felt like coming out as a lesbian all over again. I loved Alex too much to let even this drive me away.

  2. I had come out about three years before this, and had come to accept my identity as a lesbian as a crucial part of who I was. Although it was a huge challenge to accept at first, it has really strengthened our relationship.

  3. At first, it was a complete whirlwind.

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