Gay rough oral


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Under normal circumstances I would have tried to lick it up or made some sensual look on my face to try and look thankful. People have powerful sexual urges for extra-marital partners all the time and many of them manage to not act on them.

Gay rough oral

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Like most guys with huge cocks it took him forever to cum. He turned me over face down on the bed, my feet still on the ground, spread my legs and jammed that cock of his into me, no prep, no lube it felt like he was ripping me open.

Gay rough oral

Gay rough oral

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  1. Needless to say, I took a few days off. Like most guys with huge cocks it took him forever to cum.

  2. Can I be so full of myself that I cannot consider the possibility that a man is not instantly aroused by me? I think it is more about the very different needs for safety, intimacy and sexual ecstasy that you each seem to bring to your partnership.

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