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And, without any income, it could ill afford an audience survey established researchers charge hundreds of thousands of pounds. During a seven-year career of buying, racing and trading horses, he won 41 flat races and, at one stage, was ranked among the top 20 owners in the country "above even the Queen" before finding himself priced out of the market. More importantly, they are an advertiser's dream market.

Gay in colchester

At the same time, no revenue was coming in. The majority of its DJs are "straight" "we're an equal opportunities employer," Riley-Smith explains with a grin and the station itself is based in Colchester - culturally as well as geographically a long way from the gay hubs of Soho or Brighton.

Gay in colchester

Gay in colchester

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  1. Some of his business ventures have been raving successes. Next Tuesday, the story of the station's roller-coaster first 12 months will be the subject of a BBC2 documentary, Queen of the Airwaves - part of the Trouble at the Top series that looks behind the scenes of struggling businesses.

  2. To the budding entrepreneur, the attractions were immediately obvious. But the real breakthrough came in May when, with LBH on the brink of collapse, his receptionist read a newspaper article about Continental, a company offering radio audience research for a fraction of the usual cost.

  3. The survey results showed that more than , people were tuning in each week, defying the expectations of even the eternally upbeat Riley-Smith.

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