Gay camping kentucky


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Also note, there are no cameras permitted at the pool. We must also ask that you do not drive on the grass and stay only on the roads. Please play by the rules, or you may be asked to play somewhere else.

Gay camping kentucky

You can show it off once you get to the pool. Be mindful that everyone differs on what is fun for them, so don't presume they would like what you like.

Gay camping kentucky

Gay camping kentucky

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  1. You can not pass someone in a gay campground and not get a hello while you rarely get a hello passing someone in a state park or straight RV park. Dispose of your empties in the recycling containers provided across from the Camp Store.

  2. Jones Pond is a premier property and fosters a strong sense of gay community in its seasonal campers; the campground is open May through September. Be mindful that everyone differs on what is fun for them, so don't presume they would like what you like.

  3. For most gay campers it is about community; new friends, old friends and permanent friends. Pets are welcome at Jones Pond, provided you follow some common sense rules to protect both your pets and our campers.

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