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Try their Moscow Mule, a refreshing gingery beverage served out of a copper mug. Located in North Charleston, Trident is a technical college that offers a variety of programs like nursing, culinary arts, and journalism. Catch the midnight drag show on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Gay bars anderson sc

With a focus on sustainable and locally grown foods, Five Loaves offers delicious sandwiches, soups, pasta dishes, etc. Get there early if you want to grab some fresh bread to bring home!

Gay bars anderson sc

Gay bars anderson sc

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  1. They also bake tarts and cookies.

  2. Try their Moscow Mule, a refreshing gingery beverage served out of a copper mug.

  3. Make sure you make happy hour, Monday through Friday, from 4:

  4. The restaurant is dedicated to serving healthy, fresh, and vegetarian-friendly foods. Grab a PBR and take a seat at a table out front.

  5. Rec Room attracts a high concentration of hipsters. The queer community in Charleston, while small, is on the rise.

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