Gator teeth necklaces


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Relax in the shade and share in the magic that is Everglades Holiday Park- leave lunch to us! How about an exciting print or poster of the Gator Boys in the world famous Gator Pit?

Gator teeth necklaces

Unfortunately though for Bedard, a snake was what caused him his worst injury to date. Not everyone is willing to live in a tent and work for free, like me. The necklace Bedard wears on each of his episodes does have a story behind it.

Gator teeth necklaces

Gator teeth necklaces

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  1. After all, one of the biggest gators Bedard once caught was 13 feet, 5 inches long! I never worry about a gator I see.

  2. It was no wonder a television series was created. Bedard has, indeed, shown us much with the show, and we can certainly hope for plenty more episodes.

  3. When I started trapping gators, I needed someone to do the shows at the park, for free, and the guys all helped out. Unfortunately though for Bedard, a snake was what caused him his worst injury to date.

  4. Bedard and his partner, Jimmy Riffle, regularly get called out to various locations throughout Broward County South Florida to capture nuisance gators and sometimes snakes. Most trappers will kill nuisance gators, but for the crew at Gator Boys, this is not an option.

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