Gamm handles


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So the design matrix for s is the same in your two models. In mgcv, difference smooth will be constructed, if your factor is ordered. Well, I should explain the logic first.

Gamm handles

Perhaps it is not easily seen, but actually your M1 is nested in M0. Now let's turn to your concern on nesting.

Gamm handles

Gamm handles

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  1. Therefore, at the moment the best thing you can do is just not specifying sp.

  2. Nesting is related to basis set up rather than choice of smoothing parameter. These models are statistically equivalent, but the smoothing parameters are obviously estimated differently in the cases, and the AIC thus differ a bit.

  3. So the design matrix for s is the same in your two models.

  4. Well, lme does not allow you to do this and I doubt whether such attempt is legal in mixed modelling, either. Let's consider a small example to verify this.

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