Fus ro dah tatoo


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There was something profoundly upsetting for me in creating something by actively causing harm to part of a living thing. The sight of blood, needles, and pain I can handle.

Fus ro dah tatoo

Not every tattoo has to have a deep, personal meaning behind it, or even an explanation. Doing it was so much worse than having it done.

Fus ro dah tatoo

Fus ro dah tatoo

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  1. What It Felt Like to Do It Speaking not as the recipient of a stick and poke tattoo, but as the artist giving one, my experience was totally different and so much more uncomfortable for me.

  2. Doing this tattoo myself as a stick and poke actually really adds to the meaning of the piece for me. And not every person with a tattoo is ready to give you their reason for getting one, including myself.

  3. I poured some tattoo ink not India or calligraphy ink because I wanted to do it right out of the bottle and into a small container so I could double dip the needle without contaminating the whole bottle of ink. Imagine filling in a paint-by-number picture but instead of dragging a colored pencil across a page in sweeping strokes, you could only place dots in one by one.

  4. You hear your pencil break its skin.

  5. Doing this tattoo myself as a stick and poke actually really adds to the meaning of the piece for me. Some even specialize in lettering and can give really beautiful, intricate tattoos in their preferred style without copying a word in Helvetica because the client only wanted that.

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