Funniest country song titles


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If that's the case, I think we can safely move it out of the "country" category! It was two minutes of brilliance and sarcasm served up with a rollicking ragtime-blues progression.

Funniest country song titles

If you have questions regarding these, bear in mind I am the editor, not the writer or compiler. If I let anything too naughty slip through please just remove it rather than the whole thing. Nor does this line, or anything similar to this line, appear in any song on the album.

Funniest country song titles

Funniest country song titles

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  1. So I present this list for your amusement and enlightenment, and it surely will be added upon over time. Also recorded by Boxcar Willie and Glen Campbell.

  2. I assume this particular turn of phrase was irresistible to songwriters of a humorous bent. I could be wrong.

  3. If I let anything too naughty slip through please just remove it rather than the whole thing. Matti confirms it was written specifically for the film.

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