Fubu relationship


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Can you add each other on Facebook? This kind of relationship is fun but it's inherently fleeting, and it usually ends by the time she finds her Prince Charming. If you are the type who gets attached to something or someone, then avoid a friends-with-benefits relationship.

Fubu relationship

Outside of hooking up, the two of you already have a foundation of respect. Here are what I think are the pros and cons of a fubu relationship:

Fubu relationship

Fubu relationship

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  1. But a FWB deal strips the best friendship of this honesty. Is she looking for fun or something more serious?

  2. Tell her the kind of relationship you're trying to pursue here, and ask her if it's something she agrees with.

  3. No matter how much you try to play it cool, I know there is a little part of you the same part that tears up every time Dylan and Jamie hooks up who believes in the rom-com. I mean, come on.

  4. If you are this type of person but still want to have a fubu anyway, just make sure to mentally prepare yourself and set ground rules like no cuddling. Because those things set you and her up for, erm, feelings.

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