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Possible complications arising from estrogen and testosterone therapies include an increased risk of thromboembolic disease , myocardial infarction , breast cancer , fertility problems, stroke , abnormal liver function, renal disease , endometrial cancer , and osteoporosis. The policy of inclusion was reportedly still in effect in In , a transgender Adjutant in the French Air Force who had already served 18 years as a man, returned to her unit in Nancy as a woman after a sick leave.

Free videos of transexuals

Often cited are factors such as a supposed predisposition of transgender individuals to problems such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts; this is countered by the prevalence of these same issues in the LGB community, yet in many countries their service is not excluded. A further argument is that in order to have an effective, smooth-running military, there must be cohesion within the unit.

Free videos of transexuals

Free videos of transexuals

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