Fraternity pinning


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Entry into chapter rooms is often prohibited to all but the initiated. Instead of heading upstairs for the meeting right away, like they usually do at this point in the evening, Alpha Omicron Pi President Emily Kerl, 21, turns off the lights to begin the ceremony.

Fraternity pinning

Currently, 46 national fraternity and sorority organizations support the toll-free number, which generates automatic email messages regarding hazing and sends them to the national headquarters directly from the National Anti-Hazing Hotline. Kerl brings in a single, lit candle while Emily Davis, a best friend of the sister being pinned, reads a love letter from a fraternity member to the women of the house, declaring his love for their sister he is pinning. Women's fraternities usually only require new members to wear pins when active members must wear theirs, usually for formal meetings and ritual ceremonies.

Fraternity pinning

Fraternity pinning

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  1. Fraternities often have themed socials with sororities, as well as semi-formal and formal dances.

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