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Fem can

The method was called the finite difference method based on variation principle, which was another independent invention of the finite element method. Want to learn more about the software we use? It includes the use of mesh generation techniques for dividing a complex problem into small elements, as well as the use of software program coded with FEM algorithm.

Fem can

Fem can

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  1. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with calculus and linear algebra. There are some very efficient postprocessors that provide for the realization of superconvergence.

  2. Those are derived by defining the boundary conditions and external loads of a physical problem.

  3. Integrated Simulations The behaviour of materials can be influenced by the applied production process. Our simulation experts built up vast knowledge in selecting most suited material model for each specific purpose.

  4. A finite element method is characterized by a variational formulation , a discretization strategy, one or more solution algorithms and post-processing procedures.

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