Feeling worthless and unloved


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When my friends talk about their parents, I feel so jealous and bitter. Decide to do whatever it takes to feel loved. Once you decide to love yourself a river of love opens up and suddenly granted it takes time you realize you are surrounded by love and swim in a sea of unconditional love.

Feeling worthless and unloved

My parents are very criticizing of me and for every mistake I do there are massive consequences. The call is free and I love helping people go from feeling unloved to knowing they are loved, they are lovable and that the world is a loving and supportive place. Several people actually asked if I believed there were people that were unlovable.

Feeling worthless and unloved

Feeling worthless and unloved

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  1. With adults, it can come down to showing love instead of just saying so.

  2. For me, I felt this was extremely harsh, given everything else I do. Some need more love, while others want to give less.

  3. Discussions between those in the relationship may be able to resolve differences.

  4. We are all born with the seed of love securely anchored within our spirit.

  5. And yet, these people are bound together. Why do they punish me like this?

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