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It can be seen that at the same metallization degree productivity is significantly higher for wood charcoal than for coal. When considering the investment costs of a FASTMET plant it must be noted that they vary significantly depending on the capacity of the plant and the location planned. FASTMET is a rotary hearth based process, where the feed pellets composite agglomerates made from iron oxide fines and a carbon source such as coal, charcoal or other carbon-bearing materials are charged into the hearth, one to two layers deep, and as they move on the hearth they are heated by burners firing above the hearth.


World crude steel production reached million metric tons in which is a new record for global crude steel production. Thus, the degree of metallization and zinc removal rate of the pellet layer are improved. Figures 2 and 3 present the typical distribution of energy consumption and direct CO2-emissions in Ruukki Raahe integrated steel works.



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  1. The objective of the presented study is to analyze the prerequisites for an economical operation of an integrated steel plant equipped with an RHF, under different raw material prices and varying costs of CO2 emission allowances. One of the issues also affecting the economy of charcoal use is the transportation of charcoal to steel plants.

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