Famous jamaican gangsters


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I caan blame her for she have a life too and kids. It was in May that Copper was finally cut down by the police after he and his cronies failed in their bid to rob the Caymanas Park Race Track in St Catherine. He might only be 5ft 6 inches tall, but Loera has been named the biggest drug lord of all time by the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

Famous jamaican gangsters

In the s, the Burmese warlord, along with an man army, began to cultivate an opium empire in the jungle. Their stories are colourfully captivating, not unlike the riveting accounts of men who are not afraid to use the deadly weapons that they tote.

Famous jamaican gangsters

Famous jamaican gangsters

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  1. It started from 12 years old or 11, and the lifestyle just grew rapidly into many criminal behaviour, and prison taught me well — positive and negative.

  2. He had his sentence reduced to life but escaped from prison 11 years later. About a week later, I learned that he and Tony Brown were wanted for the murder," Gardner said.

  3. Natty Morgan was targeted for, among other crimes, invading a wake in Seaview Gardens for one of his victims and executing at least six men who were in attendance. He was 41 at the time of his arrest.

  4. Phantom Killer, who reportedly acted alone dressed in women's dresses and wigs before stalking and killing bad men, was caught by the police in , and sentenced to death. We are having some problems, real life issues.

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